Founded in 2012 by Alessandro Berno, the first holder of Novadesivi, with twenty years experience in the furniture industry and by the time you’re in areas including the world of the coating of the profiles for both indoor and outdoor use in the textile and automotive sector, it makes use of internal staff and direct the companies represented and also to technical and commercial forming a complete team for any need. The distributed and marketed products of leading companies in the world, with which over time has a direct relationship was established to ensure that production processes are tested and proven.

Cube looks to the future and is attentive to the innovations and new products, more and more and more performing quality that is constantly in the market with strong research focus on environmental impact and the Green Economy.


Cube looks to the future, attentive to innovations and new products, of growing and highest performing quality, with a strong focus on environmental impact. We have about 300 customers in Italy and abroad, followed constantly by professionals and technicians of the company and partners. We sell products of leading domestic and international manufacturers, selected after careful technical and operational assessments, some of them have been partners for decades and whose positive actions witnessed by the satisfaction and loyalty of hundreds of industrial companies. Furthermore Cube by ‘a technical and administrative service and guarantee delivery both with their own means or with external couriers, both as regards plastic materials edges adhesives, packaging materials, filtration systems, assistance machinery spare parts etc.